Speaking Engagements

Ginger Gentile is the co-founder of San Telmo Productions.

Ginger Gentile, film director.

Before she became a filmmaker, Ginger Gentile was a public speaker for the labor rights student movement and a championship debater at Columbia University. Comfortable in front of all types of audiences including teenagers, film professionals, researchers and even hostile ones, Ginger´s unique perspective, analysis and fascinating stories are the highlight of many conferences and events. She is also available to teach workshops on documentary film techniques for children, teens and adults.


Here are some of her keynote speeches:

Sexism in Sport in Latin America: Co-director of “Goals for Girls: a story of women with balls” documentary about the fight of women to play football (soccer) in Argentina.

  • The fallacy of prejudice: by examining one prejudice (women can´t or shouldn´t play football) the fallacy of all prejudices are shown, and can be used to compare with prejudices students have or experience.
  • Family prejudice: how mothers often are the enforcers of sexism by not letting their daughters play, preferring that they fulfill gender norms of doing housework and being “feminine”.
  • Life in shantytowns: discrimination, early motherhood, lack of resources and the role of the foreign volunteer.
  • Comparison between Title IX legislation in the USA and legal and social norms in Latin America.
  • Filming in difficult situations, the documentary process from idea to funding to editing.
  • Role of women in Argentine society.
  • Sport as a human right.
Ginger Gentile speaking about Goals for Girls documentary

Ginger Gentile speaks at UCLA´s Gender in Latin America Teachers Conference, June 2015

Filming in Argentina

  • Key locations to consider
  • Budgeting, casting and crew
  • Co-productions
  • Getting the government film board (INCAA) funding for your film or TV project
  • Argentine film history: technological innovation meets auteur film. Why over 100 films are made each year. The commercial ad industry and TV industry as leading exporters.


Child custody: Co-director of “Erasing Dad” documentary on parental alienation

  • How to frame the debate: Women´s rights are men´s rights are children´s rights.
  • My personal journey: how I transformed the way I am a fighter for gender equality
  • The impact of parental alienation: my family´s story (from bitter divorces to child abduction to abandonment)
  • Erasing Dad: what we learned making the film, how it is globally relevant, the horrors of the Argentine family court system, why the film was censored, how we beat negative attacks to change the debate.


Navigating Argentina´s business climate

  • Key cultural differences
  • How to plan for the long term when no one sees passed tomorrow
  • Why most Argentines know more about economics than most PhDs in economics
  • Making money in the chaos “when the fish are swimming wildly, the fisherman wins”
  • Applying Latin economics in the US—maintaining your economic growth in tough times
  • Investment opportunities
  • Life for the expat: let my 12 years of living in Buenos Aires be your guide!


Ginger Gentile speaking engagement academic conference Goals for Girls

Ginger Gentile at UCLA speaking about her documentary “Goals for Girls”

  • Women in the film industry: why there are more female directors in Argentina than in Hollywood.
  • Documentary film workshop for students with no experience using snap shot cameras.
  • Documentary film workshops for students with experience: development, interview, camera placement, production, budgeting, funding, editing, distribution.
  • Argentine social movements: from 2001 to present (and why Evita Peron still matters)